Tyler Rose and Texas Escalade Competitors

If you are attending the Texas Escalade February 27th-29th and the Tyler Rose, AND you will not make any changes to your script between tournaments, you may seek approval for both tournaments.
You have two options:

  1. If you have not submitted your script to Escalade yet, note on your script submission form on the "Tournament" line the names of both tournaments.

  2. If you have already submitted your script to the Escalade, you may contact Kim Martinez at ekmartinez@sbcglobal.net. Please indicate in the Subject line of your email Script Submission at Tyler Rose. In the body of the email, please include your name and event you are seeking approval for.

Electronic Script Submission

Like NITOC, the Tyler Rose is requiring all scripts be submitted electronically. HOWEVER… If you competed at the Texas Escalade in February, had your script reviewed and approved electronically – and have not made any changes, then you can consider your script approved for the Tyler Rose.

Electronic Script Submission seeks to avoid stress for a competitor in cases where improper use of published works and citing of sources could result in delays for you and tournament staff. Electronic submission gets those issues fixed before the tournament—and it speeds up the student check-in process. It's simple and will remove an extra line (and extra stress!) during on-site check-in.

Use this Stoa training video to aid you in the process of uploading your scripts:
E-Submission Rapid Review and Approve

Please also read Publication Guidelines.

And for questions about citations, go to Citation Tips.

In-Club Approval

Take all of your required documents and forms for your event(s) to your coaches for their approval. This includes:

1. Stoa event specific submission form signed by competitor and parent. This form is your contract with the tournament that your script has been approved by your coach or parent.

2. Typewritten script

3. Scanned copy script (if needed)

Once the script is approved by your coach or parent, you will submit your documents electronically by uploading everything together in ONE PDF document. If you are competing in multiple speech events, you must submit one file for each event. No zipped or shared files will be accepted.

The file should be named like this: Lastname-Firstname-Event-Cellphone.pdf

Please make sure to include:
• ALL Script Submission forms (signed and initialed)
• Typed Script (including citation page(s), if necessary
• Interp originals: Easy to read, pages are right side up and highlighting clearly shown in the scanned originals (searchable PDF allows for easy highlighting)

Starts: Today

Ends: Thursday, March 12th, 2020 at midnight

To upload your completed script submission materials, go to:

Script Upload

No electronic scripts will be accepted after the deadline.

If your script is approved: You will receive an email from a member of the Script Submission team stating that fact. Print the approval email and bring it with you to check-in, or keep it on your smartphone in case we need to see it.

If your initial script submission needs to be corrected or is incomplete: Someone from the Script Submission team will email you regarding changes that need to be made before it can be approved. Once those changes are made, you must resubmit the script for approval. Once it is approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the script submission team. Again, print the email or have it available on your phone at check-in.

Electronic script submission and in-club approval are both required. No exceptions.

If you do not submit your script by midnight on Thursday, March 12th, 2020, you will be charged $20 per script.

Those with late scripts must bring the non-approved script(s) AND $20 per script to Mrs. Martinez in order to complete student check-in.

All scripts will be deleted at the completion of the tournament.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at Tyler Rose!

For any questions regarding script submission, contact Kim Martinez at ekmartinez@sbcglobal.net.